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Netresort Solutions believes in doing a job right the first time. We do not like it when we are on the receiving end of an incompetent company, so we make sure that none of our customers feel that way about us. Netresort has a very defined process that we go through on every site to ensure the best possible web site.

  • Stage One - Strategy: Before any work is started we meet with the client to get to know their company, their ideals, and their customers. This allows us to get an idea of our clients marketing style and how they would like the company to be represented online.
  • Stage Two - Design: One to two weeks after stage one is completed, we submit to the client a draft of the site template, available both online and on paper. After this we talk extensively with the client about their likes and dislikes of the template, deciding what to change and what to leave. During this stage, nothing is final until the client says it is.
  • Stage Three - Content: Once the site template is completed, the page begins to take shape. Text, pictures, forms, downloadable files, and many other items are added during this stage. We keep the client in a state of constant awareness on their site's status, allowing them to see their page at virtually any point. At the end of this stage, the site will be complete.
  • Final Stage - Delivery: Working with the client, we make sure that all information is correct and up-to-date. The site is then placed online and registered with all of the major search engines. This process of registration is repeated quarterly throughout the life of your site to better the chances that you maintain a top position. The relationship with our clients does not end there, however. We are always available for site updates and maintenance as well as seasonal re-designs.

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